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We will guide players and their families through every step of the recruiting process, from initial contact with college coaches to official visits and scholarship negotiations.


We will create a customized plan to help players reach their full potential in both academics and athletics, leveraging our expertise and connections in the college baseball space.


Through our extensive network of college coaches, we will help players get noticed by the right programs and ensure they have the best opportunities to showcase their skills and receive scholarship offers.

“I’ve known Jeff and Todd for many years and it is great to see that they will be using their expertise to help players get to the next level “

Mark McKnight

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“Given their background, it is great that Jeff and Todd have teamed up to help the high school athlete reach their college goals.”

Greg Clifton

Head Coach – NC Wesleyan University

Dom Bello

Anderson University Signee

“Todd was so influential in the recruiting process for my son and so many other players that I have coached. His professionalism and knowledge showed through the whole process. His advice about so many things during the process was invaluable” – Vin Bello

Mitchell Salvino

Washington Lee and Wake Forest Signee

“Due to Jeff’s major league resume and his stellar reputation being a great accessor of talent for USA Baseball, Jeff advocating for Mitchell was the key to why Mitchell had a chance to play at both Washington and Wake Forest” – Mike & Denise Salvino

Zach Boyd

William & Mary Signee


“Chris McKnight has coached our son for over 8 years now. His approach to teaching and mentoring young men is second to none. His personal character combined with his impressive coaching background makes him a perfect fit as a baseball recruiting advisor and has our highest recommendation.” – Sean and Beth Boyd

Jacob Trivette

Bluefield State University Signee

“Todd played a major role in our search for the right college program. Thanks to Todd’s knowledge of the recruiting process and his vast network of college coaches, our son has a scholarship position in a great college baseball program!” – Jeff & Penny Trivette

Jake Kernodle

Princeton University Signee

“Jeff and Todd not only gave us honest feedback on where our son “fit”, both athletically and academically, they then made the necessary connections and calls on a repeated basis. This ultimately made all the difference in our son gaining visibility at these universities and colleges.” – John Charles and Sarah Kernodle

Miles Prusek

Haverford College Signee

“With his extensive knowledge of the recruiting process and connections amongst college coaches, Chris McKnight helped prepare and navigate the collegiate path for Miles, while advocating and encouraging him to find the best combination of academic and athletic programs available. Chris has been an incredible mentor to Miles, and an invaluable resource to our entire family throughout the years. – Amanda Brichta

Jett Bristow

University of Virginia Signee

“Chris has guided and supported Jett over the past few years through a journey that has created opportunities for recruitment. We have trusted Chris in this journey to effectively mentor and instruct our son, being an advocate for Jett and challenging him to certain limits and to attain identifiable goals, and we could not be more pleased with the process and results.” – Judy & Reggie Bristow

Karson Knox

Air Force University Signee

“Todd Friedman was invaluable in the recruiting process for Karson. Not only does he have a personal relationship with a large network of coaches, he truly cares about the individual athlete. Todd was always available to answer questions and help navigate the crazy journey of the recruiting process.” – Kevin Knox

Dave Morsie

Williams College Signee

“Jeff’s reputation across all levels of baseball, combined with his focus on what is best for the family and player, was the most critical component in navigating the recruiting gauntlet and resulted in the best possible outcome for our family and Dave’s academic and athletic future.” – DJ & Martine Morsie

Sam Johnson

Marietta College Signee

“Jeff the person, his baseball pedigree and network guided our family through the confusing and scary recruiting process. His was to help select the right academic and athletic fit for our son Sam. Sam received D1/D2/D3 offers. Sam chose Marietta College because it was the right fit academically and athletically. ” – Stephen & Sarah Johnson

Hunter Ross

William & Mary Signee

“The college baseball recruiting process is filled with so many unknowns. If you are going to go through it, you need someone to guide you through that process. Chris McKnight was that person for Hunter. From the early stages of camps and showcases to the finals stages of offers and commitments, Chris was right there to help with all of our needs. Hunter would not have been able to successfully navigate the process and ultimately signing with a division one program without him.” – Lew Ross

Jeff Schaefer

Recruiting Expert

Expert Guidance and Connections to College Coaches
Expert Guidance and Connections to College Coaches

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Advocacy Baseball
Recruiting Consultant Experts

By submitting my data I agree to be contacted